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    品牌故事  Brand story

    如今,提到中國的茶文化,我們仿佛一下回到歷史的長河,古老而傳統的茶器,長案,茶服,古箏,沉香... ...一幅古典的畫面猶然而生,然而作為古時主流的茶文化卻與我們漸行甚遠,甚至被邊緣化,成為當代生活的裝飾品,實在令人惋惜,我們獨有的茶文化,是否還有更為當代的呈現可能?帶著緊迫的時代使命感,我們創建了原初格物品牌,希望通過不斷的思索與創新,倡導與締造一種全新的茶文化,讓茶文化以全新的面貌回歸到人們的生活當中去。

    Nowadays,while we mention of Tea culture,itseems that we were in the history river,ancient and tranditional teaset,long-table, tea clothing,antique misic,agilawood ...an classic image appears in our mind, as the tea culture which was very popular in the past,is about to be untouchblegradually,even moves toward peripherization ,and becomes decoration in modern life,whata pity!Our tea culture,if  had more modern form or not?basing on the timesresponsibility,we built YUANCHUGEWU ,we hope that get through continuous exproration and innovation,advocating and building a completely new tea culture,enable the tea culcute to return to  lifestyle currently.